High Street Lenders Offering Mortgages to Self-Employed Who Have Taken SEISS Grants

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August 16, 2021

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The self employed criteria has been one of the most restricted during Covid-19. From lenders not accepting Self-Employed Applicants at all to lenders only accepting a certain type of industry for self-employed applicants. With that in mind it has been difficult to assist self-employed customers at this time.

Most of the lenders did not accept clients who had taken any SEISS grants during Covid from the Government as it was then assumed that you were struggling to bring in pre-covid income levels. If a lender did accept this, their criteria would have been very strict around it by asking for a lot of documentation and these were not mainstream lenders, meaning your rates would have been higher.

Today it has been announced that a high street lender has amended their criteria to allow clients who have taken the SEISS grants as long as they were not taken in the last three months.

If you think this change could benefit you, get in touch today on 01233 512012.

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