Life Cover with Pre Existing Medical Conditions

Life Insurance With Health Conditions

Just because you have a medical condition does not mean you can not get life cover, we have helped hundreds of clients with pre existing medical conditions obtain life cover for their mortgage and family, we can even try to secure critical illness cover for you as well.

Life Cover is a little like securing a mortgage, different lenders like and dislike certain things, so where one lender will accept 1 years accounts for a self employed person another will want 3 years, well a similar situation exists for life insurers. Some insurers will think differently about Body Mass Index, as an example.

Insurers position themselves in the market place based upon the type of business they want to take on and we as brokers know this making us best placed to not only secure life cover for you but at the best price.

How it Works

We will carry out an initial assessment of your requirements, such as how much cover you want, over what term and for what purpose. We will also complete a health questionnaire with you, this usually takes about 10 minutes. We will provide you with an initial quote but please note that depending upon your condition(s) this premium may change after underwriting.

We now have all of the information we need to research the most suitable policy for you at the best price, we approach the best insurers liaising directly with their underwriters to establish the most likely route of success.

The Process

  • Initial Fact Finding session.

  • Health questionnaire completed.

  • Research completed.

  • Application submitted with the chosen insurer.

  • Underwriting process completed.

  • Terms offered with the insurers special conditions.

Special Conditions

The insurer will most likely offer you terms having applied either a rating to the standard premium or an exclusion to the policy, this means either you will pay more than standard but this can only be expected for the additional risk the insurer takes or they may decide to offer terms but exclude your medical conditions, it may be that both are applied.

Once terms are issued if you are not happy with the insurers offer you are free to cancel the policy.

We charge a fee of £35 for this service which is refunded once your policy starts, if you decide not to take up a policy then this fee is not refunded.

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