For employed applicants the lender will require the lastest 3 months payslips (lastest 8 if paid weekly or the lastest 6 if paid fortnightly) and your Latest P60.


On your payslips you must make sure that the following is displayed:

  • Your name must match the name on the mortgage application
  • Your paydate and tax period must be clearly shown
  • Your Basis Gross pay amount will be used to determine your yearly salary
  • Your Net Pay
  • The company name
  • If your address is displayed on the payslip this should match the address on the mortgage application

Extra Income

When using extra income such as bonus, overtime or commissions the number of payslips and P60s you will need to provide will vary. The lender will require 2 years P60s to evidence your extra income. If you have not received these amounts for two years or more the lender can use less documentation but will use a lower percentage of this extra income for affordability.